The unity process that has taken place over the last year in Alberta was more than just ensuring a United Conservative Party victory in the next election, however important that is. The unity process highlighted the synergy that happens when individuals focus on common issues and are willing to put aside individual ambition for the good of all.  I was happy to be part of that unifiying voice.

Defeating the NDP in the next provincial election will come about as we continue the unity process begun by our two legacy parties. The left's political process is to create division between Albertans (Urban vs Rural, Public Sector vs Private Industry, Energy vs Environment etc.). As conservatives will need to grow support by attracting people through continuing a platform focused on unity, capitalizing on the the inexhaustible creativity and innovation of the Alberta population and allowing it to flourish.  Unity is creative and given the opportunity, I believe, Albertans will once again embrace our strengths both of heritage and resources becoming yet again a leading voice in Confederacy.

I am running to be your Member of the Legislative Assembly because I am ready to build our Conservative coalition, attract newcomers, and serve the people of Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul. I have strong conservative values and as a professional educator have the experience needed to build relationships and coalitions. My commitment to you starts now. I will continue to engage with you from now until Election Day in order to ensure a United Conservative victory in 2019.  I hope that I can count on your voice and your vote to help me deliver a United Conservative victory here in Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul.