Become A Member of the United Conservative Party

Membership in the United Conservative Party (UCP) entitles you to have a say in the development of the UCP Policies and Governance documents, the ability to attend the UCP's First Annual General meeting (click here) and secures your ability to vote for in the nomination of the individual to represent the UCP for the next General Election.

Membership in the UCP will consist of all who are ordinarily residents of Alberta who:

  • are at least 14 years of age;
  • are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents;
  • have resided in the province for at least 6 months;
  • indicate their intention to join the UCP by personally authorizing an application for membership in the UCP;
  • support the principles of the UCP; and
  • have paid the prescribed membership fee, personally or through an immediate family member (spouse, parent or child).

To become a member of The United Conservative Party click here.

To support Glenn in his bid to secure the nomination for the United Conservative Party in this constituency 

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