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Unity, Innovation, Growth...

These three words describe both the strength and potential of the United Conservative Party (UCP).   Since 2016 we have embraced the strength of our heritage, utilized our democratic voice and unified the conservative movement as we move towards the re-establishment of Alberta as a leading voice in Canada. The unity process of the UCP has highlighted the synergy possible when individuals focus on common issues and are willing to put aside individual ambition for the good of all. 

I was happy to be part of the unifying voice for the Alberta right. Our work, however, is not complete.

Individually and collectively we need to work towards unleashing the power of the unity we have created to ensure that the vast potential of Alberta. That power is represented through a robust dialogue that:

  • continues to acknowledge the importance and unique role families contribute towards society,
  • continues to recognize the benefits of educational choice,
  • defends free speech and religious freedom,
  • encourages free enterprise an entrepreneurial endeavours,
  • insures a stable political environment that leads to responsible economic growth.


I am seeking the nomination for the United Conservative Party because I believe in and I am committed to the democratic process, to the building of our United Conservative coalition, and serving the people of Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul.

The defeat of the NDP in the next election will come about if we continue the unity process begun by our two legacy parties. Left political processes are creating division between Albertans, Urban vs Rural, Public Sector vs Private Industry, Energy vs Environment and so on. We as conservatives must stand firm in our conviction that a platform focused on unity, capitalizing on the inexhaustible creativity and innovation of Albertans, will restore the Alberta advantage.

As a professional educator, I have the experience and skills needed to build relationships and coalitions which will revitalize Alberta. My commitment to ensure a United Conservative victory in 2019 continues, can I count on your voice and your vote to help me deliver a United Conservative victory in Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul?